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Welcome to Winvest Properties,
home to Win-Win Real Estate.

Learn how to buy your first
home with low down payment,
easy monthlys, and good terms.

Find investment properties with
motivated sellers, convenient
locations and good tenants.

Winvest Properties- your one stop
for new buyers, sellers, renters and

New opportunities to own in Vancouver, and more Top 10
Canadian cities to come.  

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Dickson Wong
Monday, 10:25 am


My name is Dickson, and I am a professionally-trained Osteopath
from Australia.  But after moving back to Canada in 2006, I
bought my first home and it has almost doubled in value in two

Health and homes have always gone together, from the old
saying "Home is where the heart is" to the many effects on your
health from a happy home to a broken home.  Welcome to my
two loves in life: health and real estate.

So I have built Winvest Properties as a home to a better way to
own a home.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller, an investor or
a renter, Winvest will help you Win-Win in real estate.

If you are
selling, we can help you get almost full-price offers
and fast closing.

If you are
buying, we can help you find good condition homes
with low down payment, and live and own options.
Click here.....

If you are renting, we can help you with a long-term lease and
rent-to-own options.  
Click here.....

And if you are investing, we can help you find motivated sellers,
good condition homes and low down payments.  
Click here.....

Feel free to email us what you want and your real estate needs,
call us to find out how we can help you.


Dickson Wong

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